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The role of Boshan reducer oil cap/ventilator

发布 时间:2016.06.07 news source:Zibo Boshan Ever-Power Deceleration Machinery Factory

Boshan reducerOil cap/aerator, mainly used to discharge the gas in the case of worm gear reducer;
The end cover is divided into a large end cover and a small end cover. The end cover is used to fix the axial position of the shaft system components and bear the axial load. The two ends of the bearing seat hole are closed with bearing covers;
Oil seal; mainly used to prevent the leakage of lubricating oil inside the chassis and increase the use time of lubricating oil;
The oil drain plug is mainly used for draining dirty oil and cleaning when changing lubricating oil;
Oil mark cap/oil mark, mainly used to observe whether the amount of oil inside the casing of the worm gear reducer meets the standard;

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