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Planetary reducer applied to new fields

发布 时间:2015.05.07 news source:Zibo Boshan Ever-Power Deceleration Machinery Factory

    Planetary reducerIt is an industrial product with a wide range of uses. Its performance is comparable to other military-grade reducer products, but it has the price of an industrial-grade product and is used in a wide range of industrial occasions. 
    The reducer is small in size, light in weight, high in carrying capacity, long in service life, stable in operation and low in noise.It has the characteristics of power splitting and multi-tooth meshing.The maximum input power can reach 104kW.Suitable for industrial sectors such as lifting and transportation, construction machinery, metallurgy, mining, petrochemical, construction machinery, light industry and textiles, medical equipment, instruments, automobiles, ships, weapons, aerospace and other industrial sectors. , WN sub-and-mother gear drive reducer, elastic even load and less tooth difference reducer   
    Planetary reducerIt is a novel reducer with wide versatility. The internal gear adopts 20CvMnT carburizing, quenching and tooth grinding.The whole machine has the characteristics of small structure size, large output torque, high speed ratio, high efficiency, and safe and reliable performance.This machine is mainly used for the slewing mechanism of tower cranes, and can also be used as a supporting component in lifting, excavation, transportation, construction and other industries.

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