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What is the cause of fatigue damage of hardened gear reducer?how to improve?

发布 时间:2020.11.03 news source:Zibo Boshan Ever-Power Deceleration Machinery Factory

     Through a recent return visit to the market, we found that many customers areHard tooth surface gear reducerI don’t know how to deal with the problem of accompanying the elderly, so I have consulted us many times.Today, the editor will share the information about the hard-tooth surface gear reducer that I have consulted with you, hoping to attract everyone's attention, so that everyone has a deep understanding of the hard-tooth surface gear reducer.In this way, everyone can know the truth when using the hardened gear reducer, and I hope to inspire and help everyone.Hard tooth surface gear reducerThe cause of fatigue damage is firstly due to the quality problems that occurred during the manufacturing process of the reducer; secondly, the selection of process equipment is incorrect, and the thermal power cannot meet the requirements of the production process, resulting in a large load during actual operation, and hidden defects gradually Exposure, resulting in contact fatigue damage to the final gear, the rack peeled off and broken, and the equipment was scrapped.Therefore, the selection of hardened gear reducer must be cautious.
improvementHard tooth surface gear reducerFatigue measures
  (1) Negotiate with the manufacturer to change the material of the intermediate gear shaft from 20CrMnTi to 20CrMnMo to improve its comprehensive mechanical properties and extend its life.
  (2) Adjust the reduction, reduce the load and eliminate low-temperature rolling, so as to ensure that the thermal power value of the reducer will not decrease due to excessive rolling force.
  (3) Improve the environmental conditions of the reducer and adopt forced air blowing to reduce the oil temperature of the reducer.

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