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The key project of domestic reducer takes the lead

发布 时间:2011.05.24 news source:Zibo Boshan Ever-Power Deceleration Machinery Factory

    A special set gear reducer used in the transmission of lifting equipment was successfully developed by this unit, and it has attracted widespread attention in the field of lifting equipment manufacturing in China.
  According to reports, the core technology of this new type of transmission equipment is that the connection device between its power and the transmission part is transmitted by a traditional shaft connector. It is upgraded to a Huajian connection transmission specially made by introducing and digesting foreign technology. Its core components are concentric and parallel. The degree and accuracy have reached the international leading level.Compared with similar domestic equipment, this new type of equipment saves 1/3 of metal materials, reduces its volume by 1/3, reduces noise by more than 10 decibels, and improves use efficiency by more than 60%, while its cost is only 1/3 of similar domestic equipment.
  Reducer is a transmission and speed control equipment widely used in major equipment manufacturing, and it is widely used in modern scientific research, national defense, transportation, metallurgy, chemical industry and infrastructure construction and other national economic fields.For a long time, most of my country's self-produced reduction transmission equipment are general-purpose products, and people tend to position this type of equipment as low-end products.With the acceleration of economic globalization, transmission equipment manufacturing giants in Germany, France, Japan and other countries have seized China and occupied the middle and high-end market of my country's reducer.In order to increase the domestic market share of domestic equipment and create a national independent brand, Jiangsu Taixinglong Reducer Co., Ltd. spares no expense in hiring talents, introducing equipment, and improving independent innovation capabilities.They strengthen scientific and technological cooperation with domestic scientific research institutes and professional equipment associations, based on the combination of market and technology, professionally develop and oriented new products of suitable reducers for the application fields of different industries, so that domestic reducers are specialized The supporting advantages have created prerequisites for entering the high-end market of key projects at home and abroad.

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