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What are the precautions when installing Boshan reducer?

发布 时间:2020.12.01 news source:Zibo Boshan Ever-Power Deceleration Machinery Factory

Through the recent customer survey and return visits, we found that many customers areBoshan reducerIt is not very clear, I hope the manufacturer can further explain.Today, the editor will share the relevant information that I have consulted with you, hoping to inspire and help you.Precautions when installing Boshan reducer:
1. Be sure to install a breather cap (exhaust screw plug)
Before use, replace the plug at the highest position with an exhaust plug to ensure that the gas in the body is exhausted when the reducer is running.If it is not replaced in time, the reducer will run for a long time and causeBoshan reducerThe gas inside will swell the oil seal, and even the reducer will leak oil.
2. Replace the lubricating oil in time, pay special attention to the first time.
Special attention should be paid to the first oil change. The reducer should be replaced in time after 300 to 400 hours of operation for the first time, and then every 1500 to 2000 hours.In addition, the lubricating oil should be checked every half a month in the work environment with harsh working environment, high temperature and heavy dust. If the lubricating oil is found to be dirty, replace the lubricating oil to keep the lubricating oil clean and extend the use of the reducer. Longevity, improve economic efficiency.

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