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What is the correct way to use Boshan reducer?

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Through this period of understanding, I believe everyone isBoshan reducerIt is no stranger to it, but these contents are not enough for customers who want to know more about this product.Today, the editor will share the knowledge about Boshan reducer with you, hoping to attract everyone's attention and let everyone have a deep understanding of Boshan reducer.In this way, when buying and using Boshan reducer, everyone can know what they are in. Don't panic and hope to inspire and help everyone.
Boshan reducerThe correct use:
1. The footplate type horizontal mount Boshan reducer should be installed on a very solid horizontal foundation without vibration. In the use occasions that must be installed obliquely, the inclination of the axis line of the reducer should not be greater than ±15.
2. When the flanged vertical mount Boshan reducer is installed, the output shaft is vertically downward.
3. If it is necessary to use other special installation forms other than foot-plate horizontal installation and flange-type vertical installation, corresponding lubrication and sealing measures must be taken to ensure adequate lubrication of the reducer to prevent oil leakage.Please contact our technical department.
4. Grease-lubricated cycloid reducer has a free installation angle.

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