China high quality Flat Top Chain SS8157 Heavy Duty Single Hinge Straight Running with Great quality

SS8157 Heavy Duty Single Hinge Straight Running Stainless Steel Flat Top Chain For bottle factory production

Product Description

Steel and Stainless Steel Flat Top Chains are produced in straight running and side flexing versions and the range are covered by a broad selection of raw materials and chain link profiles to provide solutions for all conveying applications. These Flat Top Chains are characterized by high working loads, highly-resistant to wear and extremely flat and smooth conveying surfaces. The chains can be used in many applications and are not just confined to the Beverage Industry.

Widely used in all kinds of conveyor of the bottle and heavy load such as metal. Especially applied to the beer industry.
Suggestion: lubricant
The longest distance: 15M
Max. speed: lubricant 90M/min dryness 60M/min
Working load: 5200N
Material: austenitic stainless steel (non-magnetic) ferritic stainless steel (magnetic)
Packing: 10 feet = 3.048 M/box 26pcs/M

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Company Information

With the experience of more than 10 years, Ever-power is the leading manufacturer and exporter of various Kinds of conveyor components in China. Ever-power is equipped with 20 sets of injection machine and another 20 Sets of processing equipment. All Ever-power conveyor products are exported to over 65 countries and regions, Including Europe, America, South America, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa.
Ever-power conveyor products range covers:
–Plastic flat top chains, Flexible Chains, multiplex chains and Case Conveyor Chains;
–Stainless steel flat top chains, conveyor chains and roller chains;
–Plastic sprockets and idler wheels; Stainless steel sprockets;
–Plastic modular belts;
–Various kinds of conveyor components;
–Stainless steel & Plastic Bearing Units;;
–Conveyor Rollers.
Ever-power is always offering customers excellent quality, competitive price, prompt delivery and after-sale Service. Ever-power has large stocks, which makes prompt delivery possible. Ever-power also welcomes the production According to customers’ samples or drawings.
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