China best Gear Motor Speed Reducer for Puzzle Type Car Parking System (DHTC22) with high quality

Product Description

Product Description

The DHTC series gear motor is designed for car parking lifting systems.

The braking system incorporates a flat spring-loaded electromagnetic brake, boasting a braking rate of 182% and a rapid brake time ranging from 0.03s to 0.05s. The fast break locking value is maintained at fewer than 5cm.

Utilizing non-asbestos brake disc dry friction, the comprehensive brake system is equipped with a titanium cover plate to prevent any malfunction due to moisture, enabling it to function flawlessly under full load throughout the day.

The fast brake rectifier operates at an input voltage of 270VAC 50/60Hz, with an insulation withstand voltage of 1800VAC 50Hz 1min. It boasts a remarkable service life of 1 million cycles.

The motor itself is constructed using aluminum alloy through the process of hot high-pressure casting. Its copper enameled wire is thoroughly dipped to ensure quality, utilizing insulation class F and protection class IP55. Operating under the S1 working system, this motor is fully sealed, moisture-proof, and dust-proof. It is suitable for outdoor environments with temperatures ranging from +80 ºC to -25 ºC. However, direct corrosion from external objects should be avoided. The motor’s power exceeds the national standard value by more than 1.2 times.

The special reducer, or reduction motor, employs 20CrMnTi gear steel, carburized to ensure a durable tooth surface and enhanced strength. Precision grinding through CNC processing ensures adherence to technical requirements regarding gear hardness and accuracy.

The reducer operates with a load operation noise level of less than 52dB (A) and is fully sealed, effectively preventing any oil leakage. Its maintenance-free and zero-fault design approach contributes to its impressive 30-year service life.

PS: This price for DHTC22-0.2KW/4P-50

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Product Parameters

Model Input Power h M N A Q S C H D E d L T U S1
CHTC22 0.20Kw 90 90 65 154 130 11 14 140 135 57 22 40 24.5 6 M6
CHTC22 0.25Kw 115 120 90 175 140 11 15 175 150 65 22 45 24.5 6 M8
CHTC28 0.25Kw 28 31 8
CHTC28 0.37Kw
CHTC40 2.2Kw 160 190 150 246 210 18 25 250 195 90 40 75 43 12 M12
CHTC45 45 48.5 14
CHTC50 170 210 160 285 230 30 270 195 100 50 53.5
CHTC50 3Kw
CHTC55 55 59 59
CHTC55 4Kw


Packaging & Shipping

Plastic bag +  carton

Company Profile

-We are a leading gear motor manufacturer
ZHangZhoug Xihu (West Lake) Dis.hai Reducer is a leading manufacturer of gear motors and gearboxes.
Since 1991, we have specialized in manufacturing a wide range of gear motors and gearboxes including:

  • helical gear motor (D series)
  • helical bevel gear motor (T series)
  • parallel shaft helical gear motor (P series)
  • helical worm gear motor (E series)
  • hoist drive (DQ series)
  • heavy-duty helical gearbox (QYJH series)
  • heavy-duty helical bevel gearbox (QYJB series)
  • gear motor for the car parking system (DHTC series)
  • spiral bevel gearbox (HD series)


Q: Can you print other colors?
A: Indeed. The gear motor can be adorned with bespoke hues in accordance with your esteemed preferences.

Q: Is that the factory price?
A: Affirmative. Rest assured, all prices are established CHINAMFG the foundation of our esteemed factory.

Q: What is the lifespan? What is the guarantee?
A: The longevity of a gear motor can span from 5 to 20 years, contingent CHINAMFG the intricate nuances of various operational conditions. A warranty of 1 year shall be in effect following the product’s delivery.

Q: What documents are available?
A: A comprehensive array of documents, including structural drawings, a packing list, an installation manual, and relevant certificates, stands ready for your perusal. Furthermore, a customs declaration shall be provided. We pride ourselves on offering you a seamless end-to-end service.

Q: Is it able to customize?
A: Absolutely, should the total or projected quantity reach a sufficient threshold, we possess the capability to re-envision and fabricate the gear motor to suit your bespoke requirements.

Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

To be negotiated
Application: Machinery
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Installation: Horizontal Type

gear gearbox

How do gear reducers enhance the efficiency of conveyor systems and robotics?

Gear reducers play a significant role in improving the efficiency of both conveyor systems and robotics by optimizing speed, torque, and control. Here’s how they contribute:

Conveyor Systems:

In conveyor systems, gear reducers enhance efficiency in the following ways:

  • Speed Control: Gear reducers allow precise control over the rotational speed of conveyor belts, ensuring that materials are transported at the desired speed for efficient production processes.
  • Torque Adjustment: By adjusting gear ratios, gear reducers provide the necessary torque to handle varying loads and prevent overloading, minimizing energy wastage.
  • Reverse Operation: Gear reducers enable smooth bidirectional movement of conveyor belts, facilitating tasks such as loading, unloading, and distribution without the need for additional components.
  • Synchronization: Gear reducers ensure synchronized movement of multiple conveyor belts in complex systems, optimizing material flow and minimizing jams or bottlenecks.


In robotics, gear reducers enhance efficiency through the following means:

  • Precision Movement: Gear reducers provide precise control over the movement of robot joints and arms, enabling accurate positioning and manipulation of objects.
  • Reduced Inertia: Gear reducers help reduce the inertia experienced by robotic components, allowing for quicker and more responsive movements while conserving energy.
  • Compact Design: Gear reducers offer a compact and lightweight solution for achieving various motion profiles in robotic systems, allowing for efficient use of space and resources.
  • Torque Amplification: By amplifying torque from the motor, gear reducers enable robots to handle heavier loads and perform tasks that require greater force, enhancing their overall capabilities.

By providing precise speed control, torque adjustment, and reliable motion transmission, gear reducers optimize the performance of conveyor systems and robotics, leading to improved efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and enhanced operational capabilities.

gear gearbox

Can gear reducers be used for both speed reduction and speed increase?

Yes, gear reducers can be utilized for both speed reduction and speed increase, depending on their design and arrangement. The functionality to either decrease or increase rotational speed is achieved by altering the arrangement of gears within the gearbox.

1. Speed Reduction: In speed reduction applications, a gear reducer is designed with gears of different sizes. The input shaft connects to a larger gear, while the output shaft is connected to a smaller gear. As the input shaft rotates, the larger gear turns the smaller gear, resulting in a decrease in output speed compared to the input speed. This configuration provides higher torque output at a lower speed, making it suitable for applications that require increased force or torque.

2. Speed Increase: For speed increase, the gear arrangement is reversed. The input shaft connects to a smaller gear, while the output shaft is connected to a larger gear. As the input shaft rotates, the smaller gear drives the larger gear, resulting in an increase in output speed compared to the input speed. However, the torque output is lower than that of speed reduction configurations.

By choosing the appropriate gear ratios and arrangement, gear reducers can be customized to meet specific speed and torque requirements for various industrial applications. It’s important to select the right type of gear reducer and configure it correctly to achieve the desired speed reduction or speed increase.

gear gearbox

Are there variations in gear reducer designs for specific tasks and applications?

Yes, gear reducer designs vary widely to suit specific tasks and applications across various industries. Manufacturers offer a range of gear reducer types and configurations to accommodate different requirements, including:

  • Helical Gear Reducers: These are versatile and provide smooth and efficient torque transmission. They are commonly used in applications requiring high precision and moderate speed reduction, such as conveyors, mixers, and agitators.
  • Bevel Gear Reducers: These are ideal for transmitting power between intersecting shafts. They are often used in heavy machinery, printing presses, and automotive applications.
  • Worm Gear Reducers: These provide compact solutions and are suitable for applications with higher speed reduction requirements, such as conveyor systems, winches, and elevators.
  • Planetary Gear Reducers: These offer high torque density and are used in applications demanding precise control, such as robotics, aerospace, and heavy-duty machinery.
  • Parallel Shaft Gear Reducers: Commonly used in industrial machinery, these reducers are designed for high torque and reliability.
  • Right-Angle Gear Reducers: These are used when space limitations require a change in shaft direction, commonly found in packaging equipment and conveyors.

Each type of gear reducer has unique features and benefits that make it suitable for specific tasks. Manufacturers often provide customization options to tailor gear reducers to the precise requirements of an application, including gear ratios, mounting options, and input/output configurations.

Therefore, the variation in gear reducer designs allows industries to select the most appropriate type based on factors such as torque, speed, space constraints, precision, and environmental conditions.

China best Gear Motor Speed Reducer for Puzzle Type Car Parking System (DHTC22)   with high quality China best Gear Motor Speed Reducer for Puzzle Type Car Parking System (DHTC22)   with high quality
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