Goldgun Planetary Gear Speed Reducer


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Zhejiang, China

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PL /WPL Gear Box

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ratio: 3:1~:


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Supply Ability:
10000 Piece/Pieces per Week

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Wooden packed
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Sample 5-10days, Order 25-30days

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Planetary gear

Structure of Planetary Gearbox
The planetary gearbox is a type of toothed gearing. It consists of a gear cluster: the central sun gear, the planetary gears and the outer ring gear with inward-facing teeth. The planetary gearbox has a long lifetime due to its high quality and can transfer high torque.
The major components of planetary gearbox is firmly connected to the gearbox with an annulus. In the center of the annulus, there is a sun gear that is driven by exterior power. Between these two there are three planetary gears that are equally spaced and assembled to the pallet. These three planetary gears work with the driving shaft, the annulus and the sun gear. Through the sun gear, the exterior power brings the rotation of the planetary gears. These planetary gears then revolve along the annulus. The power is then exported to the output shaft that is connected the planetary gears.

Characteristics of Planetary Gearbox
Compared with the traditional gearboxes, planetary gearbox has a different transmission method. The traditional ones are merely driven by big gears and small gears. The interface between the two gears endures the load all by itself. Therefore, the interface is more apt to wear out. This is even worse in the high speed gearboxes that contain more gears. The interfaces between the gears have to bear multiplied loads. The inaccuracy multiplies and the transmission efficiency is therefore greatly reduced.
The planetary gearbox, however, has six interfaces among the sun gear, planetary gears and the annulus. The loads are equally distributed to these interfaces. Therefore, the friction and load in the interfaces are greatly reduced. This float type transmission also has small gaps between two gears. This relatively reduces the volume of the gearbox and increases the efficiency to 97%.
Features of Planetary Gearbox
1. Our planetary gear box is of cylindrical casing, compact structure, and small volume.
2. It is easy to install.
3. Our planetary gearbox is mainly applied in many machines that include packaging machines, cutting machines, weaving machines, printing and dyeing machines and more.