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   It is forbidden to use hammers and other tools to roughly install the reducer 2019.03.26
   The outer structure of the cylindrical worm gear reducer is unique 2019.02.12
   Zibo Boshan Ever-Power Deceleration Machinery Factory wishes everyone a happy Year of the Pig! 2019.01.29
   The lubricating oil becomes thinner due to the increase in temperature 2019.01.08
   Grease-lubricated cycloid reducer has a free installation angle 2018.12.25
   Reducer usually adopts pin shaft output mechanism 2018.12.18
   Reliable use and long life due to the use of high carbon chromium steel materials for main parts 2018.11.27
   The technical parameters that should be determined in the selection of hardened gear reducer 2018.11.20
   Hard-tooth surface gear reducer has good sealing performance 2018.11.13
   The scope of application of WS worm gear reducer 2018.10.30
   Large overlap coefficient and mechanism of mechanical balance 2018.10.23
   Worm drive is equivalent to screw drive 2018.10.09
   The vertical worm gear reducer is a two-stage reduction transmission mechanism 2018.09.25
   Compact structure and large transmission ratio 2018.09.18
   The box body is made of high-strength cast iron 2018.08.21
   Easy to realize the combined connection between various models 2018.07.24
   Reducer usually adopts pin shaft output mechanism 2018.07.10
   Hard tooth surface reducer is a relatively precise machine 2018.06.05
   Brief introduction of center wheel of planetary cycloid reducer 2018.05.29
   Reducer usually adopts pin shaft output mechanism 2018.05.22
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