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What are the main manifestations of fatigue and rupture of Boshan reducer?

发布 时间:2020.04.21 news source:Zibo Boshan Ever-Power Deceleration Machinery Factory

    Through the recent return visits to customers, we found that although there are manuals, some people still don’t know much about Boshan reducers, and they have ignored some points that should be paid attention to, and they cannot give full play to the full performance of Boshan reducers. Today, the editor will discuss the exhaustion and rupture of the Boshan reducer with you, hoping to help you. 1,Boshan reducerThe main manifestation of fatigue rupture is the fatigue rupture of the concentrated shaft with ground stress, and the other is the fatigue rupture of the concentrated shaft without ground stress.
  2. The characteristics of rupture depend on different conditions. The key to no ground stress is crescent shape, conchoidal flower shape, or the immediate appearance of a source of fatigue. For the concentrated axis with ground stress, the key is The axial lines, whether they appear to be circular or oval, and the source of fatigue appear on the outer surface of the drive shaft, are the characteristics of the left and right are introduced in detail, and I look forward to helping you.
  The left and right refers to the professional knowledge of the main performance of the reducer fatigue and rupture introduced in detail. People should pay attention to the common faults at the time of application, reduce the redundant common fault problems, and solve the problems immediately when they find them, and reduce the maintenance cost.

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