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The limit of the oil temperature of the hardened gear reducer

发布 时间:2019.06.11 news source:Zibo Boshan Ever-Power Deceleration Machinery Factory

1. Before use, check whether the type structure, center distance specification, transmission ratio, input shaft connection mode, output shaft structure, input shaft and output shaft direction and rotation direction of the reducer meet the requirements of use.
2. According to the requirements specified in the "Selection and Use of Lubricants" on the sample, inject appropriate grades of lubricating oil.After refueling, tighten the ventilator on the top and pull out the small cone plug on the ventilator, and the hard-tooth surface reducer can start to operate.Appropriate grades of lubricating oil must be selected, the appropriate amount of oil must be controlled, and the oil must be changed in time according to the specified requirements, especially the replacement of new oil after the first 100 hours of use.
3,Hard tooth surface gear reducerThe maximum allowable oil temperature is 95℃. Under this temperature limit, as long as the oil temperature does not rise, it can be used with confidence.

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