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Hard tooth surface reducer has high load capacity

发布 时间:2016.05.10 news source:Zibo Boshan Ever-Power Deceleration Machinery Factory

     My company isHard tooth surface gear reducerProfessional manufacturer, the main products are:Worm gear reducer,Hard tooth surface gear reducer, Planetary cycloidal pin gear reducer, worm gear reducer, gear reducer, electric drum, crusher, building materials equipment, plate bending machine accessories and other products, the product models are complete and there are many types.
Features of Ever-Power hardened gear reducer:
     (1) The gear is made of high-strength low-carbon alloy just after carburizing and quenching, and the gear hardness reaches HRC54~62;
     (2) All gears adopt gear grinding technology, with high precision and good contact;
     (3) The load-carrying capacity of the hard-tooth surface reducer is high, which is XNUMX times higher than that of the soft-tooth surface reducer;
     (4) The hard tooth surface reducer has high transmission efficiency;

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